New Roots

Last Fall 2013 we started trying to contact the seven women from the film Women
Between Worlds to interview them again after 13 years. For this new film Women Between Worlds Part 2 we had the chance to interview Hai-ou from China and her daughter Jennifer in Hai-Ou’s painting studio.



Next was Lijliana from Serbia and we interviewed her in the Theatre of Stevenson University where she was working on a play with students from Stevenson. We filmed Astou from Senegal and her husband Greg in their new house. We had the fortune to meet Astou’s sister who was here from Senegal. For Tatiana from Russia, we had to travel to Sarasota FL, and filmed her in action taking stills of one of her fashion models showing Tatiana’s designs.



We have problems connecting again with Rima, architect from Lebanon, because of her hectic work schedule. The same is for Ahn from Vietnam and Yolanda from Columbia who moved from Maryland to Tennessee. We will continue trying to interview these three women in the near future.












To continue interviewing the 7 women, and editing of NEW ROOTS 50-minute film, containing footage from Women Between Worlds part One and Two, we got a grant in November 2014 from the Maryland Humanities Council.

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